What's New?

Lights, Camera, Reaction! Winter 2021 update is now live

We have a gift for you!

The Winter 2021 update is now live! Enjoy new game modes, features, and oodles of fun with this free massive content update.

New IRL Game Modes:

  • Meme Me - Compete against other players to create the best meme

  • The Claw - Party leader uses The Claw to capture other players brawling below

  • Hipster Run - Run from the Fibster Head while dodging enemies and obstacles

  • Mountain Madness - Knock other goats off the mountain to become the GOAT.


  • Upgraded servers for significantly faster phone-to-game response times

  • Improved UI on both the in-game and phone visuals

  • Improved audio and music

  • Optimized gameplay based on feedback

  • Honey Bunches-o-Bug fixes

Get LCR and latest update today!


Lights, Camera, Reaction! Summer 2021 update is now live

Summer Update 2.1

  • All VR game modes now feature a grab height adjustment to help players of all sizes set their ideal grab height

  • We added 2 more Steam Achievements

  • The IRL game mode, Jelly Royale, now has better visuals, and new interactive elements

  • Improved the word randomization for all word game modes

Summer Update 2.0

  • We have updated the IRL Edition with the following new modes:

    • Use Your Words

    • U Add Bro?

    • Cock Block

  • In addition to the new game modes:

    • Users can now select from 1-3 game modes of their choice for each match.

    • Players can also select how many rounds they want to play for word games

    • Players now have a rematch option available after the final mode has finished

    • Players can now take a selfie or draw a face for their in-game avatar

    • Performance has been optimized for both in-game and network play

  • Other hotfixes:

    • Quest 2 should now be functional

    • HTC Vive Pro should now be functional


Some players have reported an issue with the Oculus Quest 2 and the HTC Vive Pro not working properly in LCR

  • We are working on a hotfix for this issue and hope to have a release soon.


A big update is coming to the IRL Edition of LCR!

  • Improved UI

  • Networking performance optimizations

  • 3 additional game modes:

    • Cock Block

    • U Add Bro?

    • Use Your Words


Called the Exterminator. Sorry bugs, nobody likes ya...

G'day all, we have a new LCR patch ready to roll for your gaming pleasures.

The following bugs should be squashed:

  • Unable to move blob in Jelly Royale (IRL mode)

  • Final score now tallies correctly at end of game (IRL mode)

  • General Steam Achievement improvements / fixes (all modes)


Lights, Camera, Reaction! has left Steam Early Access and is now at version 1.0

  • Keys have been sent out to those interested in testing the game using the Valve Index. Thank you to all of those who have shown interest in supporting Lights, Camera, Reaction!


Major update to Lights, Camera, Reaction! with the new 'LCR IRL Edition' game mode

You can now play Lights, Camera, Reaction without VR! Enjoy the new IRL Edition mode with friends and family today!

New IRL Modes:

  • Channel your inner actor while acting out words in Act Natural

  • Get your artist on while drawing in Picture This

  • Battle to the death with cute jelly blobs in Jelly Royale


We are collecting feedback from Valve Index users

  • Keys have been sent out to those interested in testing the game using the Valve Index. Thank you to all of those who have shown interest in supporting Lights, Camera, Reaction!


New July 2020 Patch is now live!

Been an odd year hasn't it? Stay tuned to learn more about our upcoming content updates, but for now...

We're happy to announce the July 2020 Patch, which features the following goodies:

  • HTC Vive support*

  • Oculus Quest + Link cable support*

  • SteamVR 2.x Input System

  • Steam Achievements

  • Various bug fixes

* HTC Vive & Oculus Quest + Link cable should now be functional for the entire game experience. You may come across some odd behavior while using these platforms due to the limited amount of testers available to us. Please feel free to report anything like this to our feedback form.

Support for SteamVR 2.x Input System should also enable Valve Index users to play the game as well. Technically, we didn't feel comfortable stating support for this platform until we can confirm a reasonable experience for those users. Please reach out to support@fluxean.com, if you'd be interested in becoming a Valve Index Early Access Tester.


Lights Camera Reaction! is now available on Steam Early Access!

  • We have officially launched on Steam Early Access. Just in time for the holidays!