Lights, Camera, Reaction!
IRL Edition

In Real Life

The ultimate party game for get-togethers! Grab your phone or tablet and battle head-to-head with our IRL Edition! Spice up those boring holiday parties, and enjoy countless hours of hilarious fun!

Online Multiplayer

Play head to head with family and friends in real life with this non-VR version of the game! Act out words, draw pictures, and battle with jelly blobs in this online smartphone interactive battle!

This mode requires all players to use smartphones (or tablets).

IRL Edition Games

Act Natural

The party leader acts out random words while the other players try to guess it!

Picture this

The party leader draws a random word while the other players try to guess it!

Jelly Royale

Players brawl against each other in this moving 2D platform side-scroller!

Use Your Words

The party leader describes random words while the other players try to guess it!

U Add, Bro?

Players race to answer quick math problems as fast as possible!

Cock Block

Players try to make eggs with the hen while the party leader tries to block them!

Meme Me

Players caption random meme photos
and rate their favorite memes!

Mountain Madness

Players try to bump each other off the
mountain until only one remains!

Hipster Run

Players run from the Fibster Head
until they reach the objective!

The Claw

Players try to avoid capture from the
claw controlling party leader!

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