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Lights, Camera, Reaction!

The ultimate party game for get-togethers! Grab your phone or tablet and battle head-to-head with our IRL Edition! Feeling some VR? Play the solo reactions mode, or battle friends with the multiplayer VR modes! Spice up those boring holiday parties, and enjoy countless hours of hilarious fun!

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New IRL Edition

Play Lights, Camera, Reaction! without VR in our new IRL Edition!

Latest News

Summer 2021 update is now live

Summer Update 2.1

  • All VR game modes now feature a grab height adjustment to help players of all sizes set their ideal grab height

  • We added 2 more Steam Achievements

  • The IRL game mode, Jelly Royale, now has better visuals, and new interactive elements

  • Improved the word randomization for all word game modes

Summer Update 2.0

  • We have updated the IRL Edition with the following new modes:

    • Use Your Words

    • U Add Bro?

    • Cock Block

  • In addition to the new game modes:

    • Users can now select from 1-3 game modes of their choice for each match.

    • Players can also select how many rounds they want to play for word games

    • Players now have a rematch option available after the final mode has finished

    • Players can now take a selfie or draw a face for their in-game avatar

    • Performance has been optimized for both in-game and network play

  • Other hotfixes:

    • Quest 2 should now be functional

    • HTC Vive Pro should now be functional